Worship For Life

Praise the lord with all your heart,
Pray to Him before you start.

Read His Word and you will know
How to laud Him, let it show.

Careful how you speak and sing,
He is worthy, the best refrain.

Sacrifice of lips and life,
Cleanse yourself and put away strife.

Jesus came in lowly birth
For salvation on the earth.

Poured out His life, the cross-made clear,
God was pleased to crush Him there.

Victory over sin foretold,
The tomb and grave could never hold.

Christ is Lord and Savior too,
Hail our God and King for you.

Splendor, honor, and majesty
Belong to Him in royalty.

Love and mercy from Him come,
Peace and hope and joy for some.

Loving kindness, compassion are new,
Every morning His faithfulness too.

Grow, bear fruit, prosper like a tree,
Share with others, prosperity.

Heaven and nature bless His name,
Saints on earth, do the same.

By His Spirit give thanks to Him,
Worship for life, our holy hymn.

Thomas P. Taylor

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